How to create a real estate website for your hometown – step 8

Step 8: Add categories

Adding categories will allow you to select category for your products.  We will add categories here. So in addition to adding pictures, we will also add categories before we create a product listing.

In our example,, we are showcasing houses in greater Los Angeles area. So I will include satellite cities such as Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Bel Air,  Pacific Palisades, Century City, and Newport Beach.

If your website is a place where you do not have additional satellite cities or districts, you can use zip code as your categories. Or you can use ‘Open House’, or ‘Sale by Owners’ category.

The difference between category and tag is that category has hierachy, tag do not have hierachy. Therefore, categories have subcategories. So for example, if you have a website that is about California, then you can have subcategories such as Los Angeles and San Diego. But with tags, there are no subcategories.

Now after uploading pictures and categories, you will create several more products.