Best practices in selecting a theme

When it comes to selecting a theme, the first consideration would be whether it will continue updating. Since WordPress have updates from time to time, it is important to select a theme that will always update.

Therefore, one’s best bet is to select an official theme. Storefront that comes with Woocommerce is a smart choice because Woocommerce will always update it.

In addition, Storefront comes with enough tools for a non-technical to create custom CSS.

So, you want to be CEO of

Creating a job website like can be very easy using Woocommerce as well. Here every ‘job’ is a product. And using the plugin product filter and easily filter jobs by functions.

This would be easier than creating a post type named job. First of all, we have a homepage handy. Without typography skills, Woocommerce storefront theme is your best friend.

How to create a real estate website for your hometown – introduction


Creating a real estate website is extremely easy when you are creating it only for the city or hometown where you live. When you come to a real estate website that serve the users on a national or international basis, the first option is to choose the city. Choosing a location requires additional technical work because the developers need to provide a ‘search’ function.

Without an additional step of ‘search’, a local real estate website can be created easily by using WooCommerce.

So here I will illustrate how you can create a real estate website using WooCommerce without functionalities for ‘search’. After that, I will add ‘search’ functionalities so you can see how a website can expand to be a national basis like or an international basis like